Oklahoma tornado

Recovery efforts are underway this morning after a tornado packing 320 km/h winds flattened two elementary schools and many homes 16 kilometres south of Oklahoma City, leaving 24 people dead, including seven children.

President Barack Obama assured the country that Oklahoma would receive federal emergency aid to help with the recovery, and he reached out especially to those whose children were killed.

“In some cases, there will be enormous grief that has to be absorbed, but you will not travel that path alone,” the president said in a televised address. “Your country will travel it with you, fuelled by our faith in the Almighty and our faith in one another.”

Xbox One: Microsoft reveals next generation console

Yusuf Mehdi is showing off “snap mode,” which lets you play a game or watch a movie while using an on-screen window to, say, browse the internet (with Internet Explorer, natch).

It’s poised to take on two-screen “interactive TV”, wherein we all watch awards shows and snark on Twitter.

All of this can be controlled through voice control–Mehdi is simply telling the Xbox what he wants to do, and it does it.

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