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So where do all the big-wigs in the music industry go for their website and internet marketing? You guessed it! DreamCo Design.

DreamCo Design is proud to have worked with a range of artists from around the globe, spanning all music genres and career experience levels. We have helped grammy award winners better feature themselves and carry a brand through their site, album artwork, and itunes and have helped out start-up musicians with big dreams alike.

Artists and musicians choose DreamCo Design everyday because of the quality of work we put into our designs. We give you the best music web design has to offer to ensure you are featured the way you need to be. Whether you are promoting a new piece of music, looking to promote your band, want to create a site for music fans, or are selling audio equipment, DreamCo Design knows the music web design industry.

Not only do we help publish your music web design solution, but we can also help you market yourself correctly to get the edge in this tough industry. We offer print solutions for those in need of promotional cards, posters, and business material and also offer an extensive line-up of online marketing options.

With Dreamco Design every solution is custom. No two artists are alike so no two websites should be. Your project might end up being quoted at just a few hundred dollars or it might span into the multi-thousands, but one thing is for sure; it will look great and be a custom music website design solution just for you. DreamCo Design and music web design go together.

DreamCo Design understands that money is often tight for small bands trying to make it big, but lucky for you we have put together pre-packaged functionality to help you get the most bang for your buck along with a host of financing options that are not credit based. Already an established artist looking for the very best website possible? No problem. DreamCo Design is a nationally recognized leader in the band web design and musician web design industry. We have worked with artists from around the globe and have helped shape their branding and we mean it when we say grammy winners choose DreamCo Design. Notice the “s” on the end of the word winners.

Taking the right step for your musician website design project is easy. Just contact onf of our consultants. Our team will help you decide what is best for you and discuss your ideas, site functionality needs, design concepts, and marketing plan.

For more information on music web design or to learn more about our music website design and internet marketing services feel free to utilize the links on the left-hand side of the page. To make things more easy, just call one of our consultants.

Music Features for Drupal

In this thread the question is asked if a music distribution or separate modules is the best way to achieve turn key functionality needed for a music site. The answer, I believe, is an alternative path.

The alternative path is to abstract things out into an application layer, with Features. There is lots of info about Features on the project page (and it shares some ideas with the now defunct Patterns module), but conceptually this graphic sums it up best:

Having had some experience working with Features this year, I can tell you it is pretty raw. A Feature has hooks and functions to turn on and off things on your site. At its simplest, it will turn on a few modules and change a few defaults. At its most complex, it will need to manually override database variables. It’s messy development and takes time. But the real beauty is that it allows developers to focus on functionality instead of technicality. It also allows independent development of features that, combined, can achieve something that looks like a distribution. And for the user, they don’t need to know how it works, they just need to know what it can do.

We are lucky, since we have already identified some useful features needed for an art & music Drupal site / mobile application, and perhaps the next step is to refine and prioritize the list.

1) Standard theme, optimized for touch screens & mobile devices.
A Drupalized jQuery Mobile theme would probably work fine.

2) Contact/booking info for band

3) News updates
Page with news updates, pushes out to other sites (facebook, twitter).

4) Tour updates
Page with tour dates and locations, pushes out to other sites (facebook, twitter).

5) Capture Contact information.
Fans, Venues, Booking contacts, Friends. Lightweight CRM basically.
Ability to search & email blast regionally.

6) Discography / Listen
Create a song, associated with an album and other metadata. Audio attachment or link can be associated with the song.

7) Store feature(s)

8) Members only feature(s)

I prioritized things from the perspective of a band or tour manager traveling to gigs, needing an application to easily push out updates to social websites as well as capture contact information on the run. (Items 1-5)

Items 6-8 are equally important but also more complex…things to keep thinking about. File handling and payment processing can get complicated real quick.

How Do I Sell My Music Online?

If you’re an up-and-coming or established artist, one of the biggest steps to take is to sell your music online. You have access to huge audiences, and have the potential to reach global markets with ease. So, when it comes to a major and popular digital music retailer like iTunes, many artists find themselves wondering, “How do I sell my music on iTunes?” There are two major ways you can sell your music through iTunes: you can either go through the application process yourself, or work with a music distribution company that Apple has already established as a trusted iTunes Store content provider.

The tedious process of going through iTunes application and review can take months to complete. Did you know that SongCast cuts this process down to just a quick upload and only a few days of waiting time?

If you’re thinking to yourself, “How do I sell my music on iTunes without the big application process?” then you would benefit from working with SongCast. Our service is hassle-free because we are experienced in the music distribution industry, and we want to help you succeed. We take care of your music from start to finish; all we need you to do is register an account with us, fill out the information associated with your album, upload your cover artwork and the tracks you want on your album, and then submit. That’s it! We take care of converting the files for you so that iTunes can start listing your music within only a few days.

As you can see, the process is very straightforward and you won’t have to sign any long-term or extensive deals with anyone. In fact, you can opt out of our service at any time because we operate on a month-to-month membership payment of just $5.99. As an added benefit, you only have to pay $19.99 per album (or $9.99 per single) as a one-time setup fee when you submit your music. After that, all you have to do is enjoy the thought that your music has been given a global audience!

SongCast provides you with the tools you need to sell your music successfully worldwide. Through the extensive amount of features available to our members, we’ll be able to help you expand your audience in such a way that you’ll be reaching more listeners, gaining more fans, and earning more royalties – 100% of which you get to keep! What more could you ask for?

What features would you like on your official band website?

In case you haven’t noticed we have completed some major changes over the last few weeks, with more to come. MyMusicStream is now much simpler to use with improved focus on your official website.

This brings us to the next stage. What features would you like to see on your official website? As a result we have launched a feedback site powered by uservoice where you can suggest features, discuss and cast your vote to have them developed.

Some feature ideas we have posted already include:

  • Physical Merch Sales
  • Youtube Integration
  • Name your price downloads
  • Facebook Connect Integration
  • Multiple Audio Formats (WAV, MP4, AAC, etc)
  • Pre-order albums, singles
  • Media & RSS Feeds

Music Web Design – FAQ

Here are some of the frequently asked questions we get about music web design.

How long does it take to build my custom music website?

That all depends on you and what type of music web design solution we decide to move forward with. Most music websites typically take three to five weeks, based on content collection. Call us for more info.

What is content and what kind of content should I put on my music site?

Content is all the pictures and information that you want to go up on your music web design solution. Some clients choose to write all of the text on their pages and come up with the images as well. Others ask for assistance from our team to help fill it in at no charge. Generally speaking, content is the text describing who you are, what the site is all about, and so on. It also includes all and any pictures throughout your music website design solution. Good content usually equals good websites to remember to give us the best images you have.

If I do not think I like the way my music web design solution comes out can I have it revised?

DreamCo Design has an extensive content and revisions process to ensure that your unique music web design solution comes out as close to originally envisioned by you. We measure 10 times and cut once as they say. We will work with you on determining the design concept, pages, and functionality long before we start. All this is needed to properly price the site as well. Once it is done we have a revisions phase too which helps ensure we can tweak things needing improvement in your eyes.

What is it going to cost me to get my music web design solution up and running?

Again that all depends on you. We can work within a budget and still give you a fantastic music web design solution. Some people in the music industry go with a simple site to just give themselves online presence, while others want a fully functional site with a lot of bells and whistles. music web design can range anywhere from the mid hundreds to the upper thousands depending on what you want to do with it.

Can I update my own photos on my music web design solution?

If updating content is important, sure. We can set up the site so that you can manage the text, pictures, and other content areas if that is needed. We can also help you with doing this on a monthly basis for free should we be hosting the site.

Who do I call if there is a problem with my music web design solution?

You call us. We handle all customer service issues out of our office. The person you will speak to for any service issues is the same individual that helped you get the site together. This allows you to experience only the very best customer service and build a great relationship.

How many pages can I have to go along with my music web design solution?

You can have as many pages as you need. Typically, most music web design solutions have roughly 7 to 10 main pages, give or take a few, but it is just a matter of correctly portraying what you want to be displayed on your music website.

Does DreamCo Design have hosting options for my music web design solution?

Yes, we offer several different hosting packages to ensure your music website design solution will be taken care of properly.

Do I have to buy a domain name from you or can I have one from another website company?

If you already own the domain name great! If you don’t own it yet, we can register it for you and find out what is and is not available.

If I get my domain name from you do I own it?

All of our clients own their website and everything that comes with it, including the domain name.

What areas do you develop music web design solutions for?

We service the entire country and some other places outside the US. The beauty of the internet is that as long as you have an internet connection we can help you. Musicians and music business owners from all over have had successful music website design solutions through DreamCo Design.

Will my music web design solution be supported by all the major browsers?

Once your music web design solution is complete we test it with all the major internet browsers to ensure you get all the exposure you deserve. Those browsers include Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Chrome, and Opera.

Will you submit my music web design solution to the major search engines?

Yes we will. DreamCo Design does free basic search engine optimization for all of our clients. This includes manually submitting you to Google, Yahoo, Bing, and more.

What will my music web design solution look like?

It can look like anything you want it to. We have dozens of music web design examples for you to browse over. You can view those by going back to the main music web design page. You can also look through the internet and write down any websites that you like. If it is on the internet DreamCo Design can do it and our goal is to give you the best looking and functioning music website. If you are on a budget our music package allows you to get a custom design with a pre-fixed layout too.

So what are you waiting for, pick up that phone and call DreamCo Design for all your music web design needs. We work with artists from all over, both big and small, and deliver every time.

Music Web Design – SEO

Search engine optimization is all about ensuring the site is poised to show up well in the organic areas of the search engines when people do searches.

Many in the music industry needing a music web design solution really do not care how well optimized the site is as it is all about design and functionality. This is true in many respects. You wouldn’t expect someone to go to google and type in “country singer” to find you if that is your line of music. Regardless though, we still optimize any site we develop however we target your album and song names, you as an artist, and so on, to make sure you can be found correctly when people look.

Part of our SEO process involves doing the title tags, description tags, keywords, alt tags, sitemaps, and manually submitting you to the major search engines.

Once the site is developed we can also assist you with other forms of marketing which are popular in the music industry.

Music Web Design – Tips

DreamCo Design has brought you a list of tips and general advice to consider while thinking about music web design.

1. In the world of web design being different is best. That means that you need to make sure that your music web design, whether you get it from DreamCo Design or not, is fully customized for you. There are many companies out there that will charge a flat rate and present you with a cookie-cutter website that looks no different from the templates you find all over the internet.

2. Go with your gut. There is a lot more to building a website than just development. Do you feel comfortable with the person you are talking to? Our consulting process goes a long way when it comes to relationship building and assistance like this.

3. Make sure you can revise the site. We offer a revisions process which allows you to tweak the site design itself and update content should we need to make minor changes. Many companies charge more for any modifications.

4. Have good content. A custom music web design project if often limited to how good the content is. Great images and cover art can go a long way in helping the design.

So for your music website design there is no better place to go then DreamCo Design

Music Web Design – Pricing

With DreamCo Design you get a fully customized music website design solution that looks amazing, and functions exactly the way you envisioned it would. This is why we do not give a simple flat price or base price for our web design and/or graphic design services. We realize that each and every one of our customers are going to be different and they are all going to be asking for different things. So for each customer we are sure to give them a price that is strickly dependant on their project specifications.

The look of your custom music web design solution has virtually no affect on the cost of developing.

The functionality of your website and what the page depth is like is where the price comes in. Tools such as online selling, content management, music players, and so on, can contribute in driving up the price a bit, but it is often worth every penny. Basically, how big and how difficult of a job is it? That is what we base pricing on. Most music sites range between $1,000 and $3,000 with some more and some less.

In order to find out specifically what your website is going to cost you should call one of our web development consultants to discuss your music web design project. We are sure you will find the investment to be well worth it.

DreamCo Design has worked with musicians with large budgets due to their global recognition as well as start-up bands with very minimal funding. We know the industry and what you need. Let us develop a solution just for you without sacrificing quality and service.

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